[April 5th 2014]

Derayenic is a cooperative objective-based survival game. In Derayenic you take the role of survivors in various scenarios completing objectives within a limited time frame to prepare to escape.     From the streets of Hungary to forests and snowy mountains you will fight to survive and scavenge for weapons and ammo in various scenarios facing the endless horde.     Features Include  -----   4 Player Cooperative Gameplay   Pick 3 talent system with over 2000 combinations of potential talents   Leveling system balanced around the idea of being able to play with anyone of any level and still be able to complete the objectives with proper teamwork   Weapons of all different kinds ranging from old fashion European pistols to more modern weapons such as the classic AK47   A large range of melee weapons   Random weapons and loot spawned throughout the scenarios to search for   AI Director that will dynamically change the current scenario depending on players skills and luck   Varied and often randomized objectives for the different scenarios    Features Planned for early Steam release  -----   AI made specifically to require cooperation to take down in multiplayer   Persistent loot system for gear and consumables   Multiple enemy types with varying abilities    Future Planned Features  -----   Additional endless survival gamemode to prove your survivor's capability   Improving and adding more AI, more weapons, free maps beyond release, and more   Feedback and changes based upon community ideas and suggestions   Custom mapping support with tutorials and developer help with UDK's powerful Unreal Editor   Mod support with developers working with modders to help bring the best we can to our game