[April 5th 2014]

Derayenic is a cooperative objective-based survival game. In Derayenic you take the role of survivors in various scenarios completing objectives within a limited time frame to prepare to escape. </p>
<p>From the streets of Hungary to forests and snowy mountains you will fight to survive and scavenge for weapons and ammo in various scenarios facing the endless horde. </p>
<p>Features Include<br />
-----<br />
4 Player Cooperative Gameplay<br />
Pick 3 talent system with over 2000 combinations of potential talents<br />
Leveling system balanced around the idea of being able to play with anyone of any level and still be able to complete the objectives with proper teamwork<br />
Weapons of all different kinds ranging from old fashion European pistols to more modern weapons such as the classic AK47<br />
A large range of melee weapons<br />
Random weapons and loot spawned throughout the scenarios to search for<br />
AI Director that will dynamically change the current scenario depending on players skills and luck<br />
Varied and often randomized objectives for the different scenarios</p>
<p>Features Planned for early Steam release<br />
-----<br />
AI made specifically to require cooperation to take down in multiplayer<br />
Persistent loot system for gear and consumables<br />
Multiple enemy types with varying abilities</p>
<p>Future Planned Features<br />
-----<br />
Additional endless survival gamemode to prove your survivor's capability<br />
Improving and adding more AI, more weapons, free maps beyond release, and more<br />
Feedback and changes based upon community ideas and suggestions<br />
Custom mapping support with tutorials and developer help with UDK's powerful Unreal Editor<br />
Mod support with developers working with modders to help bring the best we can to our game